WANA (June 24) – Pezeshkian, Presidential candidate in the presidential debate: “I am a fundamentalist, but I fully believe in reforms.


Let’s get out of the process of ruling the country by a group so that all people can participate in the issues.


Who climbed the British Embassy? Who set fire to the Saudi embassy? Did the reformers do this? The same people who climbed the embassy wall now have government posts.


I believe that the leader of the revolution’s general policies is the country’s salvation.


Didn’t they say that meat and chicken have nothing to do with the JCPOA? So why did the prices of these go up so much?

We need to resolve our internal differences. In parliament, we were supposed to solve the problems in people’s lives. Why didn’t we? It costs nothing to talk.


Who is responsible for the process of our elite leaving the country? We need to collaborate and address these issues together.”


WANA - Iran's presidential election 2024

WANA – Iran’s presidential election 2024