WANA (June 24) – During the operation ceremony of the control tower’s 3D simulator, Deputy Minister of Defense Amir Rastgari explained that acquiring simulator systems is challenging and complex due to their technical intricacies and the need to understand all the influential components.


He said, “The key to this event and establishing trust in our human resources as the foundation of this country is essential.” He also mentioned, “Providing a platform and opportunities for Iranian scientists is crucial for our country to enter the technology field.”



The Deputy Minister of Defense and Support of the Armed Forces emphasized that we have produced 800 systems and products across all four dimensions – space, air, land, and sea – relying on the expertise of Iranian professionals. These have been successfully installed and put into operation.


He stated that we have designed and manufactured a variety of products for air and ground bases. These include radar, navigation systems, navigation aids, surveillance radars, MSSR radar, and ILS systems.


“We have installed domestic production systems in many military airports and have sent them to the axis of resistance,” he said. “We are ready to equip the country’s airports with 100% indigenous Iranian systems. We can provide service and after-sales support for these systems, and no sanctions can hinder their use.”


He also stated, “Today we see that the production systems of the Ministry of Defense are improving Iran’s offensive and defensive capabilities. The Truthful promise operation, an attack on ISIS at a distance of 800 kilometers with precision missiles, is the result of the Ministry of Defense’s trust in Iranian experts.”


WANA - Iran's presidential election 2024

WANA – Iran’s presidential election 2024