WANA (Apr 1) – President Raisi has stated that the hijab is a mandatory law that must be followed by all during his speech today April 1st at a Quran conference.


“If anyone for any reason does not have a strong belief in the hijab, the obligation to follow the law is still what creates a lawful society,” said the president.


Raisi added: “If there are people who say that they do not share this belief of ours [the mandatory hijab], then this is a place for scientific and cultural centers as well as schools to discuss this and convince them, which is something we emphasize.”

hijab law

Seyed Ebrahim Raisi, President of Iran. President office / WANA News Agency

This news comes days after an incident near Mashhad, Iran’s second largest city, where a man entered a dairy shop after seeing a girl with no hijab, and emptying a tub of yogurt on their heads.


The action prompted the dairy shop owner and others in the shop to attack the man away from the store, and news has circulated that the dairy shop has since been ordered shut.