WANA (May 18) – Dr. Raisi, President of Iran, who visited Makran today on the sidelines of this trip and in an interview with the national TV channel, warned the rulers of Afghanistan on the issue of Hirmand water rights.


“I warn the rulers of Afghanistan to give the water rights of the people of Sistan and Baluchistan,” Raisi said


The issue of Iran’s share of Hirmand River water has become a serious issue these days. Iran believes Afghanistan does not fulfill its obligations and has started a dangerous game.


“If our experts confirm the lack of water, we will accept; otherwise, we will not allow the rights of our people to be violated.” Raisi, the President of Iran, stated.


During the almost two years of Mr. Raisi’s presidency, this is the first time the President has criticized a country so harshly and openly.


Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi is seen on display during the 44th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution in Tehran, Iran, February 11, 2023. Majid Asgaripour/WANA (West Asia News Agency)

Raisi warned the rulers of Afghanistan to take his words and threats regarding Iran’s share of Hirmand water seriously and not to complain later about why they did not warn.


From the tone of the President’s speech, Iran is serious about this issue and plans to solve the problem beyond lobbies and ordinary political talks.


Iran’s foreign minister had visited Sistan and Balochistan province the previous day to share ideas with experts in this field.


The Taliban officials had previously announced that “they recognize Iran’s share of the Hirmand River water,” but these days, they are raising the issue of the lack of water behind the dam.