WANA (Feb 2023) – A movement inside Iran known as “reformists” has been seeking to weaken the position of China and Russia in this country for years. The reformists, who were sitting on the throne of power for many years with the slogan of establishing friendly relations and communication with all countries and powers, now largely have made this slogan of “interaction” with all governments only subject to interaction with the West and especially America. . They do not trust China and Russia as much as they trust the West. Raisi China


The same reformist movement that climbed the wall of the American embassy in Tehran and occupied it at the beginning of the revolution, if given another chance today, will climb the wall of the Chinese and Russian embassies, But this time their employer is the same country that the reformists named them  “the great colonialist” four decades ago.


From the point of view of Iranian politicians who support the West, Russia and China have betrayed Iranians at different times and they are of the opinion that Tehran should not forget the bad history of these countries.


The same part of the political spectrum, on the other hand, is seeking to purify centuries of wrong actions by England and America in Iran with all their might and in various forms. It seems that their country’s national interests are not as much of a priority as opposition to China and Russia for the reformists in these years. The media under the support of this political trend, completely aligned with the media policy of the West, tried to call this agreement dishonorable and dissuade the political leaders from signing it. They even called for street protests.

Raisi's trip to China

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi stands next to Chinese President Xi Jinping during a welcoming ceremony in Beijing, China, February 14, 2023. Iran’s President Website/WANA (West Asia News Agency)

If the West is worried about the close relationship between Iran and China or Russia and considers these relations to be contrary to its interests, it should take a significant part of the blame for its wrong policies before blaming Iran. Iran waited four decades in the hope that the West would change the way it interacts with Tehran, but no such thing happened, and when Iran turned to other powers, it no longer had any hope for the West.


Without a doubt, the finalization and implementation of the 25-year agreement between Iran and China is considered a great victory for the presidential government. An honor that Mr. Rouhani, the former president of Iran, wanted to receive before, but due to his contemptuous views and approaches to the East and his fascination with the West, could not earn the medal for.


The President of Iran, Mr. Ebrahim Raisi, traveled to Beijing during a two-day business trip in the second half of February 2023 to implement the agreement between Iran and China. The two presidents wanted to accelerate and increase cooperation in the fields of trade, agriculture, industry, renewable energy and infrastructure.

Raisi's trip to China

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi shakes hands with Chinese President Xi Jinping during a welcoming ceremony in Beijing, China, February 14, 2023. Iran’s President Website/WANA (West Asia News Agency)

In their joint statement, the presidents of China and Iran condemned the unilateral withdrawal of the United States from the JCPOA and emphasized that the lifting of sanctions and ensuring Iran’s economic interests is a fundamental part of the JCPOA.


It must be accepted that the promotion of relations between Iran and China in political, security, defense, and economic, regional, and international issues is a big failure for the West and especially for America. America’s policies in the region and in the case of Iran have caused both problems to the West and political disillusionment to Washington.

By R.Ganji