WANA (July 11) – Nasser Kanaani, the spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in response to a part of the statement from the NATO summit in Washington, said that the Islamic Republic of Iran considers the claim in the final statement of the NATO summit in Washington regarding Iran’s military aid to Russia in the Ukraine war to be completely baseless and politically motivated, and rejects it.


Kanaani added that, unfortunately, what we are witnessing in Ukraine is the result of NATO’s provocative policies and actions, primarily led by the United States, and this continues.


The spokesperson for the diplomatic apparatus reiterated that, as we have repeatedly stated, any attempt to link the Ukraine war to the bilateral cooperation between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Russia is merely a politically motivated action aimed at justifying Western intervention and continued military support to Ukraine.


Kanaani emphasized that the Islamic Republic of Iran’s strategy has always been to play a constructive and stabilizing role in pursuing lasting security in the region and the world. In the Ukraine conflict, Iran has never provided drones to Russia and continues to stress a political resolution to this crisis and the establishment of lasting peace.