WANA (July 7) -Leader of Ansar Allah (Houthi), Abdul-Malik Badreddin al-Houthi, reacted to the new actions and threats from the United States, calling the Saudi-led coalition’s re-entry into war with Yemen a “foolish” act.


Leader of Ansar Allah’s (Houthi) main comments:

🔹 “America wants to drag the Saudi regime into a comprehensive war against us, but we will never stand idly by in the face of their reckless actions.”


🔹 “The Saudi regime must understand that we cannot remain silent against their foolish actions, and they must correct their mistaken path.”


🔹 “If the Saudi regime is convinced to follow America and provide financial and media support to the Jews, this is their choice, and it will have dangerous consequences.”


🔹 “America has sent us messages that will force Saudi Arabia to take hostile actions. Currently, America’s focus is on economic issues.”


🔹 “Through intermediaries, we have warned and advised that Saudi Arabia should refrain from foolish actions.”