WANA (June 27) – Tahan Nazif, the spokesperson for Iran’s Guardian Council, emphasized in an international press conference that following the loss of the President, two crucial bodies of the country were inaugurated, showcasing the resilience of the Islamic Republic system.


The Guardian Council reiterated its commitment to considering the people’s votes as a public trust and positioned itself as the guardian of these votes.


Remarkably, all election processes were completed within less than 40 days, a rarity among political systems. Guardian Council observers are set to be present at all polling stations.


Voting will take place domestically and internationally on the same day and will last for 10 hours, with the possibility of an extension. It is emphasized that there will be no differentiation between domestic and international polling stations and that legal mechanisms will be applied uniformly.


The results of the elections will be announced upon completion of the vote-counting process. Moreover, it is noted that counting in presidential elections tends to be expedited compared to other polls.


As each polling station concludes the vote-counting process, the results will be promptly summarized and announced upon the votes’ compilation.