WANA (June 20) – Iran has categorically condemned Canada’s move to designate the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps as a terrorist organization. Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman has described the decision as politically motivated, provocative, and irrational.


Nasser Kanaani called the move contrary to international norms and principles, saying Ottawa has taken a wrong stance in line with actual human rights violators. He argued that the IRGC is a state entity that is active in fighting terrorism as well as safeguarding national security and the country’s borders.


He warned that Tehran reserves its right to respond proportionately and reciprocally to Canada’s action, followed by years of pressure from opposition lawmakers.


The designation announcement was made by the Canadian public safety minister, Dominic LeBlanc, who accused Iran of violating human rights and destabilizing international order. Last month, Canadian lawmakers voted for the decision.


Back then, Iran condemned the Canadian House’s decision as unwise, hostile, and contrary to international law. Tehran called the motion an attack on Iran’s sovereignty and national security, adding that it reserves the right to respond by taking appropriate countermeasures.


WANA - Iran's presidential election 2024

WANA – Iran’s presidential election 2024