WANA (Dec 15)- In the early hours of Dec 15, a group of terrorists launched an assault on the esteemed police headquarters of the Rask region within the Sistan and Baluchestan Province.


This sudden attack took everyone by surprise and resulted in 15 police officers, including high-ranking officers and soldiers who were dutifully serving, leaving seven others wounded.


Also, two terrorists were killed during this confrontation, and another was injured. Despite the challenging circumstances, the individuals present at the police headquarters showed great strength and resilience, which eventually led to the terrorists leaving the premises after an hour.



“Terrorists have been attacking Rask police station from several directions since 2 am. On the other hand, terrorists also lay in wait to prevent the arrival of auxiliary forces,” said Mirahmadi, the deputy security and law enforcement officer of the Ministry of Interior, regarding the details of this terrorist attack.


In response to this situation, a delegation led by Faraja’s deputy has departed towards Rask to address the immediate aftermath and extend support to those affected.


By order of General Radan, the country’s police chief, a delegation led by General Rezaei, the deputy police chief, is being sent to Rask City to investigate and follow up on the issue.


Ahmadreza Radan, Iran’s police chief - Social Media / WANA News Agency

Ahmadreza Radan, Iran’s police chief – Social Media / WANA News Agency

The “Jaish al-Zalm” terrorist group has claimed responsibility for this assault on the police headquarters in Rusk, affirming their involvement through an official statement.



After previous operations in Sistan and Baluchistan, terrorist groups have repeatedly fled to the borders of Pakistan and have operational bases in this country; therefore, Iran’s drones are flying at the border points of Iran and Pakistan to identify the members of the terrorist group Jaish al-Zalm.