WANA (2021) – According to official statistics, Iran will be the oldest country in the world in the next 30 years. This will bring up many individual and social consequences both in national and international arenas, perhaps even bigger than the coronavirus crisis.

Now, within the past few years of the century, the country is struggling with the challenge of a declining population and a rising aging population, and a slew of factors including the lack of planning by officials to resolve the issue over the coming years will make Iran the oldest country on earth.

Lifeless dolls that astonishingly resemble newborn babies called “reborn dolls,” have found their own charm in Iran. At first glance, reborn baby dolls look so similar to a real baby that it might shock you. When dressed, it’s as if a newborn has fallen asleep after taking a bath. These dolls have found customers among single-child families and couples who, for various reasons, cannot have their own babies.


Photo by : Majid Asgaripour