The Israelis should not get any sleep in the coming days, Iran’s revenge is close

WANA (Jan 03. 2024) – The incident happened when the Iranians were not expecting it. Just as Tehran was planning to take revenge on the Israelis for the assassination of a senior IRGC commander in Syria and a senior Palestinian official in Beirut, lives were abruptly snatched away in two terrorist explosions happening in the crowd of people walking towards the anniversary ceremony of their General, General Qassem Soleimani, in the city of Kerman.


The first explosion occurred at 3:00 p.m. Iran time on January 3, 2024, and after about 15 minutes, the second explosion happened in another place. The two blasts have left near 100 dead and over 200 injured so far.


The explosions occurred outside the inspection gates about 2 kilometers from the Soleimani shrine.


Iranian TV was broadcasting the anniversary ceremony of Kerman Live when it showed images of explosions and people’s fear. Immediately after hearing the sound of explosions, the security forces moved people away from the ceremony, and the area around General Soleimani’s tomb was immediately evacuated so that in the event of further explosions, human casualties would be less.

kerman terrorist attack

Ambulances were immediately dispatched to the scene. In the second explosion, a number of rescuers and traffic police were killed.


The available images indicate that many children and women were victims of this terrorist incident. These were ordinary people who had come there to participate in General Soleimani’s anniversary ceremony.


Also, the preliminary investigation of the scene showed that the exploded bombs were of the shrapnel type, which is specific for killing people; in this type of bomb, bullets or iron shavings are used, which causes a lot of casualties after the explosion, meaning that those behind these attacks had one goal only: To kill as many innocent people as they can!


While the whole nation stood still in collective shock and disbelief, the paramedics and hospitals of Kerman Province were trying to stop the casualty number from going up, and people rushed to donate blood to the victims of the Kerman terrorist explosions.


Iran’s interior minister called these attacks a terrorist attack, and an hour later, the Iranian government declared public mourning the next day.


Reacting to this incident, the President of Iran, Dr Raisi, announced in a message: “Undoubtedly, the perpetrators and commanders of this cowardly act will soon be identified and punished for their heinous act by the capable security and law enforcement forces.”

kerman terrorist attack

Some political experts inside Iran believe that due to the assassination of an Iranian general in Syria and a senior Hamas official in Lebanon and the assassination of ordinary and innocent people at the anniversary ceremony of a senior Iranian general by the Israeli assassination squad, Tel Aviv is seeking to expand the battlefield further from Gaza into other countries and the region.


Iran’s support for Palestinian forces and all anti-Israeli groups in the region is undeniable. Israel has suffered a lot because of these groups. Tel Aviv has experienced numerous defeats in various fields from Iran’s supporters, which has never been reported to the media by Tel Aviv.


It is no secret that Tel Aviv is always planning to take revenge on Iranians as the main enemies of Zionism, but it seems that killing ordinary people, children, and women has become a habit for Israelis.


Inside Iran, supporters of the regime seriously criticize their military, intelligence, and security forces, especially the IRGC, as to why they are procrastinating so much in taking revenge on the Israelis.


It seems that these pressures from the people to take revenge on the Israelis will soon cause a more severe problem for the residents of Tel Aviv.


Commanders and more soldiers in Israel should forget the idea of having a good night’s sleep in the coming days.

WANA / Writing by R. Ganji. and S. Khezri contributed.

kerman terrorist attack

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