WANA (July 2nd) On Sunday, July 2nd, in a bold move aimed at fostering cultural exchange and embracing the power of social media, TikTok, the popular social platform, recently traveled to Tehran. This visit shows the platform’s commitment to expanding its global footprint and provides a unique opportunity for Iranians to engage with the world through this platform.


Iran’s government invited this company to expand its social and financial interactions with the world and monitor the platform’s activities in Iran.


Hessameddin A. Hallaj, the Deputy for International Affairs at the Tehran Chamber of Commerce, announced that representatives from Anext, a company associated with TikTok, were scheduled to meet with Iranian financial experts at the Tehran Chamber of Commerce. The meeting aimed to engage in discussions regarding Iran’s economic issues.


He also added that TikTok uses AI technology to discern the preferences of Chinese consumers and generate product video content based on those preferences. This innovative feature facilitates Iranian companies in effectively promoting and selling their products on popular Chinese platforms, including TikTok.


While many embraced TikTok’s visit, there were also voices expressing concerns about representation and the need for responsible content. 


Some critics warned others against the potential commodification or oversimplification of Iranian culture for the sake of virality. They emphasized the importance of maintaining authenticity and avoiding cultural invasion while engaging with global audiences.

Instagram - social media / WANA News Agency

Instagram – social media / WANA News Agency


The meeting also prompted discussions on cultural appreciation and understanding. Some commentators mentioned the role of TikTok in promoting and expanding cross-cultural knowledge by reflecting the richness and diversity of Iranian culture to a global audience.


Considering the specific political landscape in Iran, the TikTok visit sparked revision around regulations on freedom of speech and the potential impact on freedom of expression.


Overall, the reactions to the TikTok meeting in Tehran were a combination of excitement, hope, and thoughtful discussions about the influence of social media, cultural exchange, and responsible content creation. The meeting highlighted the power of platforms like TikTok in uniting people and cultures.


Since 2016 this platform was released, It has been downloaded more than 2 billion times, and more than 150 countries are using it. TikTok has revolutionized the creating context process and redefined how we consume and engage with content. Today, with its addictive effect, TikTok has become one of dominating platforms in the world.


Regarding the protests of the fall of 2022 in Iran, Iran’s government has restricted access to global social platforms like Instagram or Facebook because they were unwilling to have offices due to the conditions in Iran and were reluctant to accept such responsibility. Considering this meeting, Are TikTok and other platforms ready to accept the terms and now base their representative offices in Iran?

Written by S, Khezri / WANA / July 2nd, 2023