WANA (July 07) – The Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs, at the Scholar Diplomat Conference held at the Center for Political and International Studies of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, stated:


“To play a role in foreign policy, we must firmly establish our position.


Engaging with neighbors and opening channels of dialogue and a common language with them is a prerequisite for working in international relations.


The Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs noted that any divergence in the region means a gap for the infiltration of foreigners and enemies of the region’s nations, governments, and countries.


The art of diplomacy is the intelligent transformation of power components into authority.


It is a fact that if we were partners in the execution of various affairs with independent countries and emerging powers yesterday, today, thanks to the intelligent policies and diplomacy of Amir-Abdollahian, we have become partners in the decision-making of these countries.


Iran’s membership in BRICS and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization means that Iran has become a player alongside other powers with a special place in international relations, capable of significantly influencing their decisions.


Today, we can confidently say that with the measures taken over the past three years, the various efforts to strengthen the components of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s power, the decisions made in this regard, and the actions taken, the most notable being Operation Promise of Truth, the Islamic Republic of Iran can boldly and decisively claim that it has achieved deterrence against its enemies.


If at one time we only spoke of the capabilities of the Islamic Republic of Iran to create deterrence, today, this capability has materialized, and the enemies of this country and nation have tangibly felt Iran’s deterrent power. This is also one of the achievements of the tenure of Amir-Abdollahian.