WANA (JUNE 30)The Wall Street Journal reported that the winner of the Iranian presidential election will inherit Tehran’s unprecedented influence in the international arena.


This American newspaper, in an analysis under the pretext of the 2023 presidential election that Iran, under the leadership of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has neutralized American pressure for decades, emerged from years of isolation by aligning with China and Russia, and renounced companionship with the West.


Oil sales to China and military cooperation with Russia have strengthened Iran financially and diplomatically.


Tehran has also effectively exploited several decades of Washington’s mistakes in the Middle East and fluctuations in the policies of different American governments toward the region.


Wana – The captured photo of the Wall Street Journal website, which contains an analysis of the impact of sanctions on Iran


In the continuation of this report, with the assertion that “Tehran is more than any other time since the establishment of the Islamic Republic in 1979, it is considered a menace to America’s allies and interests in the Middle East”.


Militants supporting Iran have targeted Saudi oil installations with missiles and paralyzed global shipping in the Red Sea.


They have dominated the political landscape of Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen, and Syria, and Hamas’s attack on Israel has been the most devastating attack of these groups against Tel Aviv in recent decades. In April, Iran launched a direct military attack on Israel for the first time.


The consequences of Iran’s military presence in the region will remain important, regardless of who wins the second round of Iran’s elections or the US mid-November elections.


This newspaper, close to American conservatives, continued that Iran’s growing power is an indication of the West’s failure. Since Jimmy Carter’s presidency, finding an efficacious strategy to contain Iran has been a fruitless path for foreign policymakers in the West.


Western boycotts have no longer affected Tehran’s international solitariness, and according to analysts, this country has responded by deepening its connections with Russia and China. As a result, diplomacy with Tehran has become more complicated.


Western policy towards Iran has fluctuated for more than two decades. American presidents’ policies have changed many times between diplomacy and interaction on the one hand and resorting to force and isolation on the other.


Iran has become a regional power while avoiding the red lines that can cause direct military action by the US.


WANA - Campaigning of presidential candidates

WANA – Campaigning of presidential candidates