WANA (June 26) – A spokesperson for Jalili‘s election campaign, Shahram Yazdani, in his conversation with one of the Iranian news agencies, said: One of Jalili’s main focuses is establishing elite governance and integrating the ideological governance framework into the country’s policymaking.


Despite having a Ministry of Welfare, our country lacks a comprehensive welfare system.


It’s crucial that all elements work together like a multi-layered shield to ensure that no family experiences poverty and deprivation. This is why Mr. Jalili has designed a six-layer welfare system for the country.


The first layer of this system is about creating minimum employment features and breaking the poverty trap. The second layer is about fostering entrepreneurship through innovation and providing financing for small, home-based, and freelance jobs.


This multi-layered shield is designed to be adaptable, ensuring that if one layer does not succeed, the next layer will step in, providing confidence and security for all citizens.


WANA - Campaigning of presidential candidates

WANA – Campaigning of presidential candidates