WANA (June 28) – While Saudi Arabia declined to conduct presidential elections for our country’s pilgrims in Mecca and Medina, pilgrims in Iraq’s holy cities can cast their votes at 8 polling stations.


Simultaneously with the beginning of voting for the presidential elections, more than 20 thousand Iranians have travelled to Atbat with official convoys or individually.


In Iraq, eight polling stations have been planned in Karbala, Najaf, Kazimain, and Samarra to make it easier for pilgrims to vote. This is being done in coordination with the Iraqi government. Despite Iran’s efforts, Saudi Arabia has refused to cooperate in organizing the presidential elections for our country in Mecca and Medina.

As a result, about 50,000 pilgrims do not have the opportunity to vote for their desired candidate.


The Iranian Presidential Election Commission has branches in Najaf, Iraq. The branches are at the Iranian Consulate General on Al-Madinah Qidameh in the Al-Hawish neighbourhood and at the Bostan Hotel on Banat Al-Hassan St. after Rasul St.


Pilgrims currently in Karbala City can vote in the election by visiting the Consulate General of Iran located at Hay Al-Askan. They can also use the drop boxes located at the accommodation tents at the entrance to the Qiblah shrine of Imam Hossein (peace be upon him), the Pearl Hotel on Alqami Street, and the Jawaher Hotel on Shahada Street.