WANA (June 5)—Saeed Jalili’s fans in Iran believe he is the best option for the presidency in the upcoming election. Jalili is identified with the conservative faction. As much as he has fans among the revolution’s defenders, he also has staunch opponents from the reformers’ faction and opponents of the Islamic Republic.


His fans argue that:


1. Integrity and Honesty: Saeed Jalili has no gray areas in his personal life. He is seen as honest, clean-handed, modest, and compassionate. Despite holding various positions of power over the years, he has no economic or ethical weaknesses. His family also has no economic controversies and has never emigrated from Iran.


2. National Security Expertise:  Having served as the Supreme National Security Council Secretary for many years, he is well-versed in national and strategic issues. He has regularly interacted with the President, Speaker of the Parliament, Judiciary Chief, Armed Forces General Staff, the Supreme Leader’s Office, many ministries, and more, giving him deep insight into different institutions’ and senior officials’ strengths and weaknesses.


3. Decisive Leadership: Many who have worked closely with Jalili testify to his high “decision-making power.” He can make the right decisions at critical moments and is a bold manager. For instance, when the plane carrying terrorist Abdolmalek Rigi was about to land, he had to decide in a few minutes without informing certain security agencies. He made the best decision, standing by the security forces in the field, leading to Rigi’s arrest and eventual execution. Rigi was a notorious terrorist supported by the CIA, Mossad, and some Arab governments responsible for terror acts in Iran.

Saeed Jalili, a former chief nuclear negotiator, registers as a candidate for the presidential election at the Interior Ministry in Tehran, Iran, on May 30, 2024. Majid Asgaripour/WANA (West Asia News Agency)

4. Consistency and Discipline: Jalili has a strong and clear intellectual discipline, with no contradictions in his words and actions. He is an avid reader with a broad perspective on issues.


5. Realism in Politics: He is realistic and well-versed in the realities of the world and the West. He has consistently stated that giving concessions to enemies optimistically would lead to unfulfilled commitments, a view that has proven accurate over time.


6. Comprehensive Planning: Jalili is the most well-prepared candidate, having developed detailed and actionable plans across various sectors, including economy, industry, culture, society, politics, sports, and education, for over a decade. He has seen Iran firsthand, including the most remote villages, ensuring his plans are grounded in practical experience.


7. Knowledge of Priorities: He knows the country’s priorities well and understands what each ministry should do in each matter. He aims to run the country without trial and error or wasting time.


8. Diligence and Activity: Despite having a war injury (right leg) from the Iran-Iraq War, he is hardworking, travels frequently, and actively follows up on issues.


9. Non-Partisan Collaboration: His interactions with various political and intellectual groups are based on ideas and expertise rather than partisan politics.


10. Prudent Decision-Making: Jalili makes thoughtful and rational decisions without resorting to sensationalism or showmanship. He is patient and avoids making impulsive decisions. If he becomes president, his fans believe Iran’s progress will be guaranteed for the next 20 years.



Saeed Jalili is an influential Iranian politician and diplomat known for his conservative stance and significant role in Iran’s nuclear negotiations with Western powers. He was born on September 6, 1965, in Mashhad, Iran, and holds a PhD in political science from Imam Sadiq University in Tehran.


Jalili began his career in the Iranian government, initially serving in various capacities within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He was appointed as the Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) in October 2007, succeeding Ali Larijani.


As Secretary of the SNSC, Jalili was the chief negotiator for Iran’s nuclear program from 2007 to 2013. He was known for his uncompromising approach and resistance to Western pressure regarding Iran’s nuclear activities. Jalili ran for president in the 2013 election as a candidate representing the conservative faction. He emphasized resistance against Western influence and maintaining Iran’s nuclear rights. He finished third, with Hassan Rouhani winning the presidency. He ran again in the 2021 presidential election but did not secure a significant portion of the vote.


He is known for his strong anti-Western views, particularly regarding Iran’s foreign policy and nuclear program. He has served as a member of the Expediency Discernment Council, a body that advises the Supreme Leader of Iran and mediates legislative disputes between the Parliament and the Guardian Council. Jalili is a veteran of the Iran-Iraq War, during which he lost part of his right leg.



Saeed Jalili, a former chief nuclear negotiator, registers as a candidate for the presidential election at the Interior Ministry in Tehran, Iran, on May 30, 2024. Majid Asgaripour/WANA (West Asia News Agency)