WANA (Nov 23) – Recently, there has been a piece of news in the virtual space, in which the Iranian Rial has been introduced as the most worthless currency in the world. This type of classification of national currencies is considered the most worthless type of ranking and has no place in determining and defining the economic conditions of a country and comparing the economic conditions of countries.


Since the 1940s, many countries have removed zero from their currencies due to increasing inflation and a sharp decline in the value of their national currency. In total, more than 400 zeros have been removed from the currencies of countries during this period. Iran’s share of these 400 zeros was nothing.

Signboard of a currency exchange store showing the dollar rate (dropped) after Joe Biden wins the US elections, in Tehran, Iran November 8, 2020. Majid Asgaripour/WANA (West Asia News Agency)

The result is that a currency like the Zimbabwean dollar, which was launched in 1980, is 51 years younger than the Iranian Rial and has experienced severe hyperinflation, and is not even among the 10 most worthless currencies in the world.


The Jordanian dinar is the fourth most valuable currency in the world. Each Jordanian dinar is traded for 0.71 dollars, but can we say that the people of Jordan are in fourth place in the world in terms of their economic situation?