WANA (DEC 08) – Iranian Foreign Minister Amir Abdollahian’s tweet about the interventions of Western authorities in the issue of recent riots in Iran.


Amir Abdollahian's tweet

In recent months, Tehran has repeatedly warned the western parties that they have no right to interfere in Iran’s affairs. Iran’s foreign minister has spoken with some European officials and given warnings. The ambassadors of some western countries were also summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran and they were warned not to attend the protests and not to support the rioters. But it seems that the western officials do not want to pay attention to these messages.


They believe that the recent riots are an excellent opportunity to overthrow the government in Iran. Tehran is very angry and complaining about the behavior of the authorities of western countries, Therefore, Iran’s foreign minister once again warned the European authorities in a tweet to stop interfering in Iran’s affairs.


Amir Abdollahian tweeted: 

“In countering riots, Iran’s shown utmost restraint & -unlike many Western regimes who smear & violently crackdown even the peaceful protesters- Iran has employed proportionate & standard anti-riot methods. The same is true for the judicial process: restraint & proportionality. Yet, public security is redline. Armed assault & vandalism aren’t tolerable, even to Western regimes who’ve find an opportunity to hypocritically lecture 🇮🇷. Instead of exposing its mendacity by politicized statements, West must stop hosting, backing & encouraging terrorists.”

interventions of Western authorities

Iranian Foreign Minister Amir Abdulhian’s tweet about the interventions of Western authorities in the issue of recent riots in Iran / WANA News Agency