WANA (OCT 18) – Iran’s support for the Palestinians has a historical record. Although the rulers of the Pahlavi era, namely Reza Shah and his son Mohammad Reza Shah, had secret and sometimes open relations with Israel, the ordinary Iranian people at that time did not like the Zionists. They wanted their government to cut off any ties with them.


The process of opposition to Israel gained more speed after the Iranian revolution because new rulers believed that the Israelis were not happy with the Iranian revolution and were looking for regime change in any way possible. Tehran’s political perception was correct because, during the past four decades, Israel did everything to overthrow the government in Iran.


The tensions between Iran and Israel have had ups and downs at different times. In nuclear issues, the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists, issues related to regional events, and especially in the Palestinian case, these two countries have always been fighting.

Protesters attend an anti-Israel protest in Tehran, Iran, October 18, 2023. Majid Asgaripour/WANA (West Asia News Agency)

Since the Al-Aqsa storm operation occurred in the middle of October 2023, the dispute and rhetoric between Iran and Israel have risen again.


When none of the Arab-Islamic countries see the ability to fight Israel, Muslims all expect Iran to stand up against Israel and take military action.


The massacre of many children in a hospital in Gaza, which should be called a tragedy of the century, has angered the world, particularly the Islamic Ummah.


Last night, in addition to marching in different countries of the region to show their hatred for this Israeli action, Iranians also came to the streets to ask their government to respond appropriately to this incident if possible. They are still waiting for the IRGC commanders to use special missiles to punish Israel. This expectation is a bit extreme because it is clear from the evidence that Iran is still looking for other ways to punish the Zionists other than the military path.

Protesters burn the US flag during an anti-Israel protest in Tehran, Iran, October 18, 2023. Majid Asgaripour/WANA (West Asia News Agency)

The speaker of today’s big protest rally in Tehran was the President of Iran, Ayatollah Raisi. He had previously said that today, the hatred of the Zionist regime has reached its peak among all people with different tastes. “I say to the Americans, today you are sending rockets to occupied Palestine (Israel) in front of the eyes of the region’s people. You are arming the Zionist regime. The bombs that are falling on the people of Gaza are your creation. People of the world consider you a partner in the crimes of the Zionist regime.” Raisi remarked.


Dr. Raisi, who had a Palestinian scarf on his shoulders as a sign of solidarity, believed in this that the attack on the hospital and the killing of children will mark the end of Israel. But he did not mention precisely when and how this end will happen.


According to the President of Iran, Operation “Al-Aqsa Storm” was a terrible failure for Israel in many ways. He promised that this incident, i.e., carrying out such operations in the occupied territories, could be repeated.