WANA (May 28) – The first reaction of senior Iranian military officials was neither threats nor igniting border conflicts. The commander of the ground forces of the Iranian army, General Heydari, who had gone to the region for inspection, said: “Our presence at the border does not mean there is any danger to us, but it is for intelligence and security overlooking.”


The army ground forces commander, while reminding the Taliban authorities of international regulations, implicitly warned against the non-compliance with the neighborhood rules. “As long as the opposite country that shares a common border with us respects the regulations, it will see a mutual respect, but if it is felt somewhere that it does not want to comply with the regulations, it will face a different treatment.” General Heydari said.


The presence of 2 senior Iranian military commanders in Sistan

This morning, the deputy commander in chief of the country’s police force and the commander of the army’s ground forces entered the Sistan region.


During a visit to the region and in an interview with the media, General Rezaei said, “There have been mistakes several times on the part of the Afghan rulers on the common border, and yesterday also there was an unnecessary shooting, and countermeasures were taken.”



The Iranian side is not looking for an escalation of border tensions. They know that the border guards of the Taliban are not well trained and even lack knowledge about the most basic international laws on the issue of borders.


“We tell the neighboring countries that our borders are the borders of friendship, and we should not allow any misfortune to happen. Presently, the situation is very calm. What happened yesterday evening has also ended.” General Rezaei state.