A general view of a gas station during a gas station disruption/fuel Iran

Israeli hackers disrupt fuel distribution in Iran

The attempt of Israeli hackers to disrupt fuel distribution in Iran. WANA


Video: E. Assar / N. Safarzadeh


Enemies’ claims cannot be verified: Iran’s Civil Defense Organization

Iran’s Civil Defense Organization said it is weighing all the possible options, including interference and hacking, but it is not currently possible to verify the claims made by the enemies.


It added that from the first moments of the disruption, the emergency response teams of Iran’s Ministry of Petroleum in cooperation with the Civil Defense Organization have been working on the issue and made the necessary decisions to settle the problem and resume fuel supply.


It noted that the issue would be solved in some station by the end of Monday.


The organization pledged to inform the Iranian people on the outcomes of its final investigations within the next days.


A cyberattack targeting the country’s fuel distribution system caused a brief outage in October 2021 which was successfully contained by Iranian experts.


Iran’s Supreme Council of Cyberspace announced that it was possibly launched from abroad.


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