WANA (June 15) Dr. Saeed Jalili is one of the conservative candidates for the upcoming presidential election in Iran. A look at Jalili’s educational and career background, along with his performance in national affairs, reveals his comprehensive understanding of both domestic and foreign politics and his commitment to national interests.


Jalili can be considered a “political man” for the current political scene. As a “political man,” he knows what he seeks in foreign policy and the plethora of international negotiations and interactions, and he understands what needs to be strengthened and what should be weakened.


Jalili is a capable strategist in foreign policy. In the case of the JCPOA, he meticulously studied and dissected the document, analyzing its damages to Iran in the JCPOA working group of the parliament at that time. Time has shown that all his points were accurate.


Saeed Jalili is an expert diplomat in negotiations. His advice to the late Foreign Minister Amir-Abdollahian enabled Iran to gain the upper hand in foreign policy. His attention to both dignity and expediency in foreign policy is commendable.

WANA - Saeed Jalili

Saeed Jalili, Iran’s presidential candidates / Social Media / WANA News Agency 

His long tenure as Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council has given him mastery over major and national issues, which distinguishes him from other rival candidates. The five other candidates have mostly domestic experience, and none match his expertise and knowledge in foreign policy.


Jalili appears to be a realist, considering reality in his decisions and opinions, which has led many of his analyses, especially in foreign policy, to come true.


One of the points he repeatedly emphasizes in his foreign policy remarks is that for success and progress in the world, Iran should not limit itself to a few countries with the most differences. Instead, with 200 countries in the world, Iran should use commonalities for interaction and opportunities while identifying points of conflict that could pose threats with the art of foreign policy.


Regarding this, in his electoral speeches, he stated, “A government with dozens of priorities has no priority. Priorities must be specified. Wherever there is an opportunity, be it in the East or the West, it should be utilized, not leaning towards one side.”


Jalili’s slogan for the upcoming election is “A World of Opportunity, a Leap for Iran, and a Majestic Role for Every Iranian.” He describes this slogan as a summary of his program, believing, “There is a sea of opportunities, and to make optimal use of these opportunities, the country must leap forward. Foreign policy should maximize the use of opportunities and minimize threats.”


In a recent political interview on a television network, Jalili emphasized the current conditions and global developments, stating, “At present, Iran, by showing its power and performance in defending its rights and security, has become a key player in the region and can be decisive. Now, we must use and leverage these conditions.”


Saeed Jalili, a former chief nuclear negotiator and Iran's presidential candidate for 2024 / Social Media /WANA (West Asia News Agency)

Saeed Jalili, a former chief nuclear negotiator and Iran’s presidential candidate for 2024 / Social Media /WANA (West Asia News Agency)

Another significant aspect of Jalili’s foreign policy view is the interconnectedness of the economy and politics. He believes that by utilizing economic opportunities worldwide and creating jobs and economic relations, the country can generate revenue, and he considers constructive engagement with the world essential for economic prosperity.


Jalili asserts that in power relations, the balance of power should not be weakened. The infrastructure of power is essential because when the infrastructure of power is strengthened, it causes concern for the opposing side. Regarding this, he says, “The perspective must be realistic and intelligent. The enemy will act hostilely, and we must act intelligently.”


Jalili is someone whose presidency would unsettle Iran’s enemies. He explains this by saying, “The enemy seeks maximum pressure and is upset with those who thwart this strategy.”

By WANA writer: R. Hejazi