WANA (June 26) – The announcement of former Iranian President Hassan Rouhani‘s support for Massoud Pezeshkian in the upcoming elections could potentially harm Pezeshkian’s campaign for two fundamental reasons.


Below, we will delve into the specifics of these reasons and their possible impacts on Pezeshkian’s election campaign.


1. Establishing Pezeshkian as a Continuation of Rouhani’s Administration

One of the main reasons why Rouhani’s endorsement could be detrimental to Pezeshkian is that it portrays him as a continuation of Rouhani’s administration.


Pezeshkian has strived in debates and campaign efforts to distance himself from this label, positioning himself as an independent and distinct figure. He even included members of Martyr Raisi’s supporters in his campaign team to demonstrate his lack of association with Rouhani’s administration.


However, Rouhani’s public endorsement could undermine these efforts and solidify Pezeshkian’s image among voters as a successor to the previous government’s policies.


It is also noteworthy that even in these final hours of campaigning, there is no sign of the media empire or the old guard of the left, or the so-called reformists for the first round of the elections.


This suggests that they themselves are unsure whether Pezeshkian can secure a significant number of votes or if it is worth putting their eggs in his basket. They have invested everything for the second round.

WANA - Zakani saying Pezeshkian is the third Rouhani government in debate

WANA-Zakani says Pezeshkian is the third Rouhani government in the debate

2. Negative Impact on Undecided Voters

However, the more significant error relates to the high volume of undecided voters in the election who must prefer one of the candidates.


According to various polls, the significant number of undecided voters is estimated at around 6 to 7 million. This number is almost equivalent to Pezeshkian’s current supporters, highlighting their critical importance.


These undecided votes are primarily social, non-political, and non-ideological and are highly sensitive to the repetition of Rouhani’s administration policies.

Rouhani’s endorsement of Pezeshkian could alienate these voters, driving them toward other candidates and harming Pezeshkian’s election campaign and will become an issue and challenge within Pezeshkian’s campaign headquarters.


The support from Hassan Rouhani for Masoud Pezeshkian, as a strategic move in the election campaign, has met with mixed reactions. On one hand, this support could strengthen the traditional voter base and supporters of Rouhani’s government.


On the other hand, it could lead to a decrease in the undecided votes and create internal challenges within Pezeshkian’s campaign.


This issue remains one of the most significant topics in recent election analyses, and its impact on the final election outcome continues to be a subject of discussion and scrutiny.


By WANA writer: R.Hejazi

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