WANA (May 27) – The spokesman of the Ministry of Interior of the Taliban claimed in connection with the border tension between the forces of this group and Iran: “In Nimroz province, the Iranian border guards fired at Afghanistan, and the Taliban showed a counter-reaction.”


The spokesman of the Interior Ministry of the Taliban added that the issue had been brought to the notice of the authorities of both sides, and the situation is now under control.


Afghanistan TV announced 12 people were killed and 36 were injured in today’s battle. Previously, Iranian commanders had reported heavy casualties of the Taliban.


A film shows that today the forces of the Taliban group surrounded the turrets of the Iranian border guards.


Abdulhamid Khorasani Nasser Badri, one of the commanders and officials of the Taliban, published a video on Twitter addressing the Islamic Republic, calling it a “corrupt system,” and said: “We will fight with you with more enthusiasm than the war against America.”
He said: “If the elders allow Jihad, we will conquer Iran soon.”


Local sources in Afghanistan published these images, and cannot be confirmed until now. According to the statements of local authorities in the city of Zaranj, the casualties of the Taliban were 11 killed and wounded.


Iran’s political system knows that these conflicts can be America’s game to push Tehran into a challenge with its eastern neighbor.


Taliban has never been Iran’s desired ruler in Afghanistan, but Iranians do not want to make their enemies happy by complicating any border conflict.


Iran’s official media have no desire to exaggerate what is happening at the borders. They believe that the Taliban is implementing part of the plan of Iran’s enemies. Tehran’s priority is to manage the situation and warn the unofficial rulers in Kabul.


Images of targeting Iran’s border post by RPG by Taliban forces. WANA can not verify the authenticity of these images independently.